Exchange 2013 Default DB

When you first install an Exchange 2k13 Mailbox Database you will notice there is a default database named something like below. You can access this by going to the EAC (https://fe1/ecp), Servers, Databases or using the EMS command Get-MailboxDatabase. Most Administrators are going to want to either change this default name or delete this database….


Question the PFE!

In addition to creating blog posts regularly hopefully every (1-2 weeks) I want to add something else. I want to encourage followers and the community to ask questions through "Email Blog Author". Once I get a couple questions I will do my best to answer them and create a Q\A post. Feel free to ask anything pertaining to Exchange or Lync.


Application Mail Relay through Exchange

It is pretty inevitable that if you administer an Exchange system you will eventually get a question like “How can I relay mail from my application through your servers”? These emails could like come from systems like SCOM, SQL, Helpdesk Software, etc… This seems pretty simple let’s just create a new receive connector and allow…

Exchange 2013 DAG Cluster Network Object

There has been some confusion about the CNO object creation with Exchange 2013 DAGs that I want to clear up. The documentation was a little unclear with the following statement: "When creating a DAG with Mailbox servers running Windows Server 2012 in an Active Directory environment with Windows Server 2008 R2 directory servers, you must…


My path to becoming a Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineer)

Hi All…I started my career with Microsoft about 2.5 months ago as a PFE (Premier Field Engineer) and wanted to share with everyone the details of my journey. Since you are reading this blog I am going to assume that for the most part you know what PFE is. If not then let me direct…


Introduction and Posts

Now that I have settled into my position as a PFE at Microsoft I can start blogging. In future posts I will share various things I come across in the field pertaining primarily to  Exchange and Lync. My plan is to create at least 1 full blog post every 2 weeks and also a blog…