High Availability for Internet Access using VMSS

In the Azure architecture, this is a simple way to build a free High Availability (HA) Network Virtual Appliance (NVA ) based on Virtual Machine ScaleSet, to connect internal VMs to internet. For more details and ARM template, go to https://github.com/ripom/HA-NAT-VMSS  


Azure Virtual Network Service Endpoints (Preview)

Few days ago there have been some announcements for ignite 2017 (https://azure.microsoft.com/it-it/blog/azure-networking-announcements-for-ignite-2017/). It’s exciting opportunity for Microsoft continue to grow in the cloud and it’s a fantastic momentum for consultants and architects to try new features that can simplify our life. One specific announcement, took my attention. Azure Virtual Network Service Endpoints (Preview), then I…


Azure Import/Export data and Amazon Snowball

In the last days, I started to work on a Azure Import/Export data project. My Customer has some TB of data to transfer in Azure. After several attempts to transfer data from the Internet, they gave up and began to think to use this Azure feature. The whole process is perfectly described in this link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/storage-import-export-service….


AADSYNC e proxy issue

Are you going to install AADSYNC behind a proxy? Well, you need to do two things: Configure your proxy server to get some office 365 URLs in anonymous (no authentication) Configure AADSYNC to use proxy server Configure your proxy server Configure proxy server as indicate in this URL Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh373144.aspx…


Come aggiornare DPM 2012 SP1 alla versione 2012 R2

Aggiornare System Center DPM 2012 SP1 alla versione 2012 R2 è un'attività molto semplice. Il DPM 2012 SP1 supporta l'upgrade in place, quindi è sufficiente lanciare il setup dal CD di installazione. Prima di effettuare l'upgrade, sono necessarie alcune operazioni preliminari molto semplici: Effettuare il backup del server DPM e del relativo database. Eseguire un assessment…


DirectAccess and get website by internal proxy

I have some clients must use internal proxy to access to some websites (security rules). When they use DirectAccess client outside corporate network, they have problem to access to those websites. If you are in the same situation, How can you resolve it?   You need to edit Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT) on DirectAccess (DA)…


Direct Access status Always "Connecting" on Windows 8

Have you ever had experience about this issue? I deployed some Direct Access and I've got several problem with this technology, may be "Connecting" issue is the most headache problem. There are many causes can involve this behavior I will talk about two causes.   First cause with IP-HTTPS error code 0x2AF9 Status Connecting and Direct Access…


Come scrivere nell'event log da C++

Ultimamente ero alle prese con un nuovo progetto nel quale ho sviluppato un componente per il NAP di Windows in linguaggio C++. Quando ho iniziato a cimentarmi a scrivere all'interno degli eventi di Windows, ho tristemente scoperto che non era così semplice come avviene in managed code (per esempio C#). In questo link viene spiegato…