OCPE Device (Tanjay) Upgrade Guide

This document provides best practices for upgrading an OCPE device (Tanjay) from build 199 to 522 and then to 6907 using just the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 (OCS 2007 R2) Device Update service.

For those familiar with the process, there is a high level walkthrough in the “OCPE Device Upgrade Steps (Summary Version)” section; otherwise the detailed process begins with the Step 1 in the “OCPE Device Upgrade Steps (Detailed Version)” section.

Also included:

  • Background information on how the different Tanjay firmware builds behave during the sign in and download process to assist with troubleshooting

  • Environmental dependency settings for DHCP, NTP, certificates, and DNS

  • Pool configuration changes required to successfully sign in and upgrade a Tanjay

  • Syntax examples and a sample scenario to simplify the deployment process

  • A sample NetMon trace file highlighting a successful sign in and upgrade

  • Log file locations and URLs used in troubleshooting common issues

  • An Appendix with step by step instructions for many common tasks


OCPE Upgrade Process 199_522_6907 for R2 (v1.5).docx

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    Great source of information. Very detailed.

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