Cyber Security: The Road Ahead

This paper by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) was just brought to my attention. A piece of work, which is definitely worth working through. It lays out the problem space and then does a deep dive into the different sections: Governments Legislative Bodies The Armed Forces Law Enforcement Judges…


How much it takes to get on the No-Fly List

I questioned the value of No-Fly lists since quite a while as I read all these story about how people get on the list but this is kind of the strangest story I ever heard. A UK Immigration officer put his own wife on the No-Fly list as he wanted her to stay in the…


Publishing Secret or Sensitive Information

With a lot of interest I followed the media on the latest Wikileaks’ publication of sensitive documents from the US Government. At least here in Europe, there is a huge debate whether this publication is really problematic for the United States. A discussion I do not want to comment here, as I am not able…


Paper on Information Warfare

I often see a lot of discussions on Information Warfare. Today I just stumbled across a paper published by RAND called Strategic Information Warfare – A New Face of War – from my first impression definitely worth reading Roger

After Estonia now Kyrgyzstan

There is definitely proof that during war times, armies add a virtual component to the “real life” war. Additionally we have seen the attacks to Estonia, where nobody really knew where they originated from (I do not mean the country but whether a government was behind them of just a group of hackers). Now, we…

How to circumvent Privacy Laws

As you all know, most jurisdictions allow individuals to ask for data collected by an organization (being it a company or a governmental organization). A lot of countries have Data Protection Commissioners that look into what companies and more often governments do with regards to PII (Personal Identifiable Information). After 9/11 the United States forced…

SANS Commits $1 Million to Fight Cybercrime in Developing Countries

You know that I criticize SANS from time to time. Especially when it come to their handlers, I am convinced that they are creating the problem rather than solving it. This time I have to say that I am impressed as they are helping developing countries to help to fight Cybercrime. This is as “we…


Analysis of the Estonian Attacks

I just read a paper on the political analysis of the Estonian Attack. If you are interested reading my post on my other blog (as the analysis is not really technical but interesting) there you go: Analysis of the Estonian Attacks Roger


How long does it take to hack a Power Plant?

I start to get scared – more and more. Back in September I blogged on Critical Infrastructure Protection – Live which shows what would happen if somebody would be able to tamper with power generators. Now, during RSA there was a guy called Ira Winkler telling the audience that they had the job to do…


Analysis of Cyber-Terror

The US Military just released a pretty interesting in-depth article on Cyber-Terrorism and the different aspects of it. Even though it has a little bit more than 40 pages, it is worth reading: Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism Roger