Security of Car Software

We have seen some of the attacks recently, where people started to attack either the locks or the technology/software in the car itself controlling the chassis etc. On DarkReading I was just reading this article: Car Systems Reminiscent of Early PCs One of the things I do not get with cars is the way they…


Responsibility of ISPs for the ecosystem?

If you like Scott Chaney’s suggestion he made at ISSE this week called Collective Defense – Applying Public Health Models to the Internet he raised very good points about the different roles the participants in the Internet Health Ecosystem have to play. Into that, the following article fits in fairly nicely: Comcast to notify subscribers…


UNHCR and Microsoft to help refugees

No, this is not yet another announcement – this is a picture of today’s reality. UNHCR just published a website called Protecting and Empowering Refugees, where the results of the partnership between the UNHCR and Microsoft is shown in a pretty impressive way. On the one hand side it is all about using technology to…


Is a Copier Your Biggest Security Risk?

Probably not. However, it indefinitely is a security risk. We are talking about this since a looooooong time as such copiers are sold since 2002. I just recently heard that the criminals are looking into this heavily and now it is even discussed publically on BCS News: Copy Machines, a Security Risk? Actually a really…


Open Source and Hackers

The debate is probably as old as the Open Source software development model: Which one is more secure: Open Source or shared source as we at Microsoft run it? I know that we could now enter a religious debate about that, which I do not want to as I do not really believe in the…


We Need Solid and Strong Transparent Processes for the Cloud

This morning I was reading an article called Google seeks to assure customers on cloud security practices on ComputerWeekly. I had to read this – obviously . It references a paper written by the Google Security Officer called Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products. So, I read through it and to me it…


Hacking the Human Body

Years ago I was sitting in a healthcare event, when a researcher was talking (very excited) about the idea of having a pacemaker with Bluetooth access to fine-tune the system and read information from the sensors. Even though this might medically be a great idea, I would be fairly reluctant having such a thing in…


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report – What it means for EMEA

“Unfortunately” I have been on vacation when we released the Security Intelligence Report last week. Nevertheless I would like to take the opportunity and look at it more from a EMEA perspective. One of the interesting data points we always publish is the Malware Infection Rate. Remember, there is a huge amount of data we…


Virtual Keynotes – Do we always have to travel?

The week before the last one, it happened to me – like it happened to thousand of other travelers all across the globe: I got stranded. Luckily for me I should have been flying out from home rather than flying home and being “stuck” home is much easier to handle 🙂 At least for me….