Why it pays to be secure – Chapter 1 – Data Breaches

Our EMEA Security Program Manager, Henk van Roest, started this series internally and with his consent I am publishing it here in my blog as I think it contains a lot of great information for you to use. Returning to the theme of deploying security updates once more, we need to look at the potential…

Why it pays to be secure – Introduction

Henk van Roest, our EMEA Security Program Manager is running a pretty successful internal blog. Before summer vacation he started a series called “Why it pays to be secure” which I think has some great information in it. I asked him then to go public with it but he told me that he is not…

Legal Risks of the Cloud

I just stumbled across an interesting blog post named Legal Implications of Cloud Computing. I am not a lawyer and therefore unable to judge the details but overall it gives a good view of the risks and challenges. Roger


Kaspersky’s View of a Secure Internet – Does this make sense? I think not

A few months ago, I already had some discussions with Eugene Kaspersky during an event of the Council of Europe on Cybercrime, how to address cybercrime on the Internet. At the moment, I am at a very, very slot connection and just got, what I saw on my RSS feed enclosure and could not verify…


Physical Security: ATMs equipped with Pepper Spray

This is “real” hard-core security. If the ATM feels that it is tempered with, it releases pepper spray. It is kind of a “self-defense” mechanism. I just hope it never thinks that I am tempering with the machine when I just want to get money… ATMs fitted with pepper spray Roger


How we do IT: Direct Access

You might know that we have something we call the Microsoft IT Showcase, where our internal IT shows how they use our technology to run our environment. Now, we just published a new article, which might be interesting for you to read called Using DirectAccess to Provide Secure Access to Corporate Resources from Anywhere. I…


File Classification Infrastructure in Windows Server 2008 R2

We recently revealed the File Classification Infrastructure in Windows Server 2008 R2. This infrastructure can help you to classify files not only based on the location where it is stored but based on content as well. However, there is not too much value for me to blog more about that, let the experts speak: Classifying…

Google Chrome and Silent Patching

This morning I opened one of the Swiss Sunday newspapers and Google Chrome made it to the front-page with a “best practice approach” for deploying security updates. In the article itself it was claimed that Chrome is one of the best browsers with regards to security as the deploy patches silently, without letting the user…


The Carbon Footprint of Spam

McAfee just published an interesting report as they are taking a different approach on Spam. They were looking at the environmental impact of Spam. So, how much energy do we have to invest in order to fight spam? These are the key findings from their report: An estimated worldwide total of 62 trillion spam emails…


The Windows 7 UAC “Vulnerability”

It is always interesting how some things spin off. The claimed UAC vulnerability in Windows 7 in one of those events. There are numerous blogs which claim that they found a huge vulnerability in Windows 7. The reason for that is that you can change the settings for UAC without getting a UAC prompt. Let’s…