Three Microsoft Announcements

Last night Vinny Gullotto made some significant announcements at RSA Japan. At least for us they are significant: We published the second Security Intelligence Report. Now, you might ask, we this is significant. Think about the data sources, we build the report on: Since FY05 the Malicious Software Removal Tool was run over 5 Billion…


Trustworthy Computing is an Industry Initiative

Remember the early days of Trustworthy Computing? 2002 I started to give keynotes about TwC – as we call it – and told the “world” about what we think should be done in the industry in order to regain trust. I usually compared it with the power network: You are expecting that it works, that…

Your Last Line of Defense

Your last line of defense is: Well, the user. In order to help you to address this, we published a Security Awareness Kit, pretty cool stuff. You can get it here: Roger