Connecting with your Windows Phone 7

I tried to convince my wife that using the Windows Phone 7 to keep track of the shopping to do is a cool idea. Well, she is not there (yet). And now I saw the latest commercial… Probably I should convince my kids, not my wife Roger

Definition of Cloud Computing

Just found this on Love that Roger


It’s Performance Review Time

We have our Financial Year closing in end of June. This means, it is Performance Review Time at Microsoft and it is by far not that bad. But I love Dilbert:

Upgrading from Windows 1 to Windows 7

You might have seen this experiment but it is absolutely astonishing. A guy called Andy from Scotland tested the upgrade path from Windows 1 through to Windows 7. 10 minutes worth investing if you want to get some nostalgic feelings: Here is the original blog post: Chain of fools : Upgrading through every version of…


A European Dinner :-)

I just got this from a friend of mine: European heaven : You are invited to an official dinner. The English welcomes you, the French is cooking, the Italian is making the show and the event is organized by the German. European hell: You are invited to an official dinner. The French welcomes you, the…

Privacy à la Dilbert

It kind of reminds me of someone – but whom? Roger source: Dilbert website

Real Physical Security

I saw this this morning – have a great weekend: Roger


Dilbert on Cloud Computing

The worst thing is, that there is some truth in that: At least, this is what I see often, before I talk to customers Roger