How to manage “Bring your own device”

A few years back a customer’s CSO left the room when I said that this customer should start thinking about a scenario, where selected users bring their own devices – he called me “nuts”. Well, I think the smartphone area proofed me right. Basically the smartphones were the first Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as…


Finally I have the app: TouchMountain–a “must have” (at least for me)

As I said in one of my recent posts Comparing Windows Phone 7 and iPhone, there are very few apps I am (and now was) missing on my Windows Phone 7 compared to what I know of the iPhone Apps. Actually the one which I was really missing was something like Peaks on the iPhone…


Lessons from Some of the Least Malware Infected Countries in the World

Over the course of the last few years we have seen some countries having constantly low infection rates. So, our team in Trustworthy Computing started to ask the question why this is the case. The countries are Austria, Finland, Germany and Japan. I think it is worth y look at them: Part 1: Introduction to…


Ten Immutable Laws Of Security (Version 2.0)

You might have known the 10 Immutable Laws Of Security since quite a while. It is kind of the “collected non-technical wisdom” of what we see in security respeonse being it in Microsoft Security Response Center or in our Security Product Support. There is now a version 2, which is still as important as version…


The Risks of Consumerization of IT

We often talk about consumerization of IT. The advantages are huge – and so are the risks. The key challenge is, that we increasingly started to rely on devices built for consumers to safeguard our company’s – or even worse our country’s – secrets. Consumerization is huge and makes a lot of sense from a…


Fighting Crime and Protecting Privacy–a Contradiction?

I was reading an article today called Does Your ISP Care About Protecting Your Privacy?. An interesting question. The ISPs in the article are even thinking of VPNing all the traffic to avoid the necessity for keeping the logs (or probably better, NATing the whole network). So it seems that the ISPs in this article…


Are You Focused On The Wrong Security Risks?

There is an good article on CIO Central: Are You Focused On The Wrong Security Risks? An interesting discussion and I part agree that we have to challenge the way we look at the security risks. I would even broaden the questions he raises. When I talk about industry trends, which impact your risk landscape…


Phishing still very effective: 35 cards in 5 hours

I just read this blog post by ESET laboratories: Inside a phishing attack: 35 credit cards in 5 hours. They analyzed a very poorly designed phishing attack and found that: The first access to the site was on January 20 at 10:01 pm (as seen in picture). The latest registered access was on the same…


Exciting News from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

After the launch of different products for the consumer, businesses and in the Cloud, Steve Ballmer opened CES today in Las Vegas. You should look at it. There are a few very cool announcements: Or directly from the CES webpage. Roger