Council of Europe Octopus Conference- Some Thoughts

l am still sitting in the parliament room of the Council of Europe at the celebration event for the Budapest Convention. It was another very good event advancing the challenges fighting Cybercrime. Let me try to summarize a few thoughts: The Budapest Convention is probably the best convention out there allowing a wide adoption of…


Moving from Linux to Windows

I know, that’s the second time now I am doing this comparison thingy and I promise that I will stop again and deliver you a cool tool as the next post but I read this article: Why I’ve finally had it with my Linux server and I’m moving back to Windows – be sure that…


Do We Really Want Privacy?

I really love reading Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog. Fairly often it is thought provoking… He recently wrote about his experience with the new iPhone privacy policy: Apple giving out your iPhone fingerprints and location. He was one (probably of the very few) reading the privacy policy and found the following statement: Collection and Use of…


Microsoft By Numbers

If you have not seen these numbers, they are very impressive: Microsoft by the numbers. One of the most impressive figure in there is that we sold 150,000,000 Windows 7 licenses since the launch. Well, this figure by itself does not really impress you, no? It is just big I guess. Well there is another…


Why Google Won’t Beat Microsoft on Cloud Collaboration

Well, it is not me saying that, it is actually Clint Boulton, eWeek. He published an article on 10 Reasons Why Google Won’t Beat Microsoft in Cloud Collaboration and they are: Microsoft Is Big, Getting Bigger Local Still Preferable? Microsoft Now Lives in the Cloud Bang for the Buck Lies with Microsoft Serena Said It…


Lies, Damned Lies and the “Gone Google” Calculator

An interesting post (by a Microsoft employee) on the Google cost calculator. An interesting read on the way they compete…. Lies, Damned Lies and the “Gone Google” Calculator Roger


Vulnerability Disclosure to Compete?

As you know (I stress that fairly often ), I am Swiss. The reason why I am stressing this today is that I want to give you an example on security from the Swiss market: The banks here on place compete with each other – obviously. However, I have never seen the banks competing on…


Open Source and Hackers

The debate is probably as old as the Open Source software development model: Which one is more secure: Open Source or shared source as we at Microsoft run it? I know that we could now enter a religious debate about that, which I do not want to as I do not really believe in the…


Security – A Feature Discussion? Some Thoughts on Google’s Chrome OS

To be clear upfront: This is not a “Microsoft versus Google” post. I cannot even judge how far Google pushed security with the Chrome OS. But the following article raised quite some questions how we look at security: Inside the Google Chrome OS security model. This article, like so many when security of an Operating…