Selecting the right Cloud partner

One of the challenges customers always have is, how to select the right cloud partner and fairly often security drives this selection. The Cloud Security Alliance published the Cloud Controls Matrix quite a while ago and in addition a Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire and a lot of request for information/proposal are based on this material….


10 Years of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft

Before joining Microsoft a little bit more than 10 years ago, I ran a team at PricewarehoureCoopers on e-Business Risk Management – classical security consulting in the Internet bubble time. When I announced that I will leave PwC and join Microsoft, I got interesting reactions (and remember, this was 2001). Mainly they were along two…


Office 365 Becomes First and Only Major Cloud Productivity Service to Comply With Leading EU and U.S. Standards for Data Protection and Security

A long title but this was the title of the official press statement yesterday. Compliance is always a key question in the public cloud space. Therefore it is very important for us that we now achieved three things: Office 365 is compliant with EU Model Clauses, Data Processing Agreements and ISO 27001 among other standards….


Searchable Encryption for the Cloud–soon?

This is a very interesting development. Encryption generally would solve a lot of problems around data sovereignty. So, encrypting the data, keeping the key and moving the data to the public cloud could basically address a lot of the risks. Today, it comes with a high price as the data which resides encrypted in the…


Video on Microsoft’s Datacenter

A very good overview over the way we run Microsoft’s Cloud. The interesting thing is – if you look at the video – that most customers are still running their datacenters on generation 1-2, which means that the efficiency (labor as well as energy) we can deliver is significantly higher – not talking of our…


Cloud Security in Office365

You heard about the launch of Office365 recently and I hope you read the blog post on the application of the Cloud Computing Security Considerations to the private. cloud. If not, here it is: Security Considerations in a Private Cloud To complete the series now, we released an additional paper on how these considerations can…


Security Considerations in a Private Cloud

I am talking a lot about Cloud Security. There are a few observations I made: Even though a lot of people are talking about the Cloud, there is still not too much knowledge about it. What is a private Cloud versus a public Cloud? What is Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Application…


Does the business really hate IT?

Back at the times of outsourcing, there was real tension between IT and the business. Internal IT had the “comfortable” position of having a monopoly: The business used the internal IT and basically just had to pay the bill. Then times came, where the business was not satisfied anymore. That basically started with the time…


Who cares where your data is?

Wow, I guess the reason for you clicking on the link is this statement – right? Well, “unfortunately” I cannot claim ownership of it. It was made by a Google representative during an interview in Australia: Google: Who cares where your data is? To me, the whole Cloud discussion sometimes drives into interesting directions. I…