10 Years of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft

Before joining Microsoft a little bit more than 10 years ago, I ran a team at PricewarehoureCoopers on e-Business Risk Management – classical security consulting in the Internet bubble time. When I announced that I will leave PwC and join Microsoft, I got interesting reactions (and remember, this was 2001). Mainly they were along two…


10 Reasons to migrate off Windows XP

I would like you to sit back, close your eyes and think about the year 2001. Think about how you used technology back then, how you used the Internet. Now, let’s take it a little bit further back in history and think of the year 2000. Just after we realized that the Year-2000-Problem was handled…


Windows 8 Timeline

Sorry but you do not get a date (I do not have one either). I was just reading an article on Bink.ru with a nice representation of the Windows timeline Roger


Windows Lifecycle and Support

One of the things which surprises me often, when talking to customers is, that they do not know, when certain (key) products run out of support – and therefore no security updates will be shipped. You should include the following dates in your plans: Windows XP Home: Mainstream support ended 4/14/2009 Windows XP Professional: Extended…


Upgrading from Windows 1 to Windows 7

You might have seen this experiment but it is absolutely astonishing. A guy called Andy from Scotland tested the upgrade path from Windows 1 through to Windows 7. 10 minutes worth investing if you want to get some nostalgic feelings: Here is the original blog post: Chain of fools : Upgrading through every version of…


One year free anti-malware and what we learned

An year ago we launched Microsoft Security Essentials. I remember the day as I was looking at the Twitter stream to see the overall reactions and they were simply great! Further on, when I travelled, the main complaint I heard in some countries was: “Why do we not have it?” and it is a fair…