Scott Charney at RSA this year

It is kind of a tradition that Scott Charney, our Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing, is speaking at RSA. If you look back, he always showed the evolution of Trustworthy Computing and spoke about e.g. End to End Trust and other concepts we use to envision the future of the security ecosystem. This year,…


Worldwide Chief Security Advisor Meeting

I know that I have been very, very quiet over the last two weeks. The reason was, that the worldwide Chief Security Advisors met at our HQ in Redmond for four days to discuss community related questions as well as the future of certain selected products and share the worldwide experience with our product manager….


Customer Experience Study: Security Improves in the Cloud

Last week, when I was in South Africa, a partner of us pointed me to a very interesting paper by KPMG called Cloud computing: Australian lessons and experiences. What I like is, that a lot of the items I was recently raising, where actually reflected in quotes by customers of Cloud providers as well as…


Is a “Zero-Trust” Model the Silver Bullet?

I was reading an interesting article: Forrester Pushes ‘Zero Trust’ Model For Security, where they mainly claim that you should not trust your internal network – something I am asking for since a long time. However, the conclusions Forrester and me are drawing are slightly different. John Kindervag – the person quoted in the article…


Cloud Computing: Benefits and Risks of Moving Federal IT into the Cloud

July 1st, Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President Trustworthy Computing was testifying at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Basically the hearing was on the benefits and risk of Cloud adoption for the US government. If you are interested in reading his full testimony, you will find it here. Additionally, Scott…