5 Common Types of Security Professionals

I am following Shoaib’s blog since quite a while – actually due to the beauty of the Internet, we only met virtually so far . He just posted on his blog: 5 Common Types of Security Professionals I really like this post. The way he categorizes them is: The NO-MASTER The By-The-Book Preacher The Dinosaur…


Are You Focused On The Wrong Security Risks?

There is an good article on CIO Central: Are You Focused On The Wrong Security Risks? An interesting discussion and I part agree that we have to challenge the way we look at the security risks. I would even broaden the questions he raises. When I talk about industry trends, which impact your risk landscape…


Can cloud security ever work?

An interesting question, posed by V3.co.uk: Can cloud security ever work? – How relevant is the question by itself? When computers and especially personal computers were introduced, people asked as well whether the security on a PC will ever work – the question is just not relevant. Let’s face it: The Cloud will come! Period….


How to Detect a Hacker Attack

This title immediately caught my attention and probably yours as well: How to detect a hacker attack – something I definitely want to know. And then I realized that the article a) is written from a techie and b) does not really cover the attacks I am worried of most. But I will address this…


Customer Experience Study: Security Improves in the Cloud

Last week, when I was in South Africa, a partner of us pointed me to a very interesting paper by KPMG called Cloud computing: Australian lessons and experiences. What I like is, that a lot of the items I was recently raising, where actually reflected in quotes by customers of Cloud providers as well as…


The Risks of Unofficial Patches

This is quite a normal scenario: A zero-day pops up on the Internet by a security researcher. Immediately afterwards we see the first exploits appearing and being integrated into the different attack tools. Now, the race started: The vendor has to develop a security update, the criminals try to exploit the vulnerability. Part of the…