Why Patents are not here to be violated: Google’s challenges with Android

Interesting: Microsoft takes the Android profit, the Wonkas take the pain I quote: Yet Android costs Google billions, without drawing revenue. Microsoft is making half a billion a year from Android. The settlement with Oracle, when it eventually comes, will add even more costs to working with Android – for anyone who dabbled with it….


The Risks of Pirated Software

Obviously I do not like people to steal software. Additionally, from at least two perspectives it adds security risks: People are less likely to patch and pirated software often comes wit pre-installed malware, which is then hard to detect. There is just such a case now with the iPhone: Fake iPhone jail-breaking tool packed with…


Free Software for NGOs

I would just like to forward you to a blog post by Brad Smith as of today: Anti-Piracy Enforcement and NGOs. There is one statement I would like to quote: To prevent non-government organizations from falling victim to nefarious actions taken in the guise of anti-piracy enforcement, Microsoft will create a new unilateral software license…


Raid against Piracy

There seem to be policy organizations being serious about fighting piracy! Hungary, actually with 41% pirated software “not even that bad”, seems to be really serious. But before, let me just take those 41% up for a second: This means that 41% of the work you do is stolen. I think a significant negative impact…


Piracy and Legal Consequences

If would like to start with an important statement: This is the first blog post I made with a disclaimer to start with. The content of this post is not an official Microsoft position and might not reflect the Microsoft opinion! Let’s have a chat about piracy. When I look at my neighborhood, I often…


Download Pirated Copies – and you will be banned from the Internet

This is a very tough legislation: France just agreed on a new Internet Piracy Bill. If you violate piracy laws three times, you will be banned from the Internet up to an year: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/05/12/france-approves-internet-piracy-bill Interesting approach Roger


Is there a Correlation between Stolen Software (Piracy) and Security/Patching?

Remark: A few weeks ago I made a post where I asked you about the correlation between Piracy and Security. I was talking about Piracy (stolen software) and got a lot of answers about Privacy (Data Protection) . So the following post is about stolen and illegal software… I was recently asked in a panel…


New Technology ending Hardware Piracy?

I just read an interesting article on a new hardware technology that – the patent owner hope – would end piracy on Integrated Circuits. Obviously, piracy s not only a software problem…… New Tech Fights Chip Piracy With Virtual Lock and Key Roger P.S: Pretty bad is the typo in the first paragraph: A new…