Comparing Windows Phone 7 and iPhone

Well, I have to admit – I am biased. I never used an iPhone in my life and based on my experience with my iPod, I hope I never have to, but who knows. I really do not like the UI which – to me – is everything but user friendly and the worst thing…


The Risks of Consumerization of IT

We often talk about consumerization of IT. The advantages are huge – and so are the risks. The key challenge is, that we increasingly started to rely on devices built for consumers to safeguard our company’s – or even worse our country’s – secrets. Consumerization is huge and makes a lot of sense from a…


iPhone saves you the trouble of reporting your working time

You might know the problem if you are working in consulting: You have to fill out the report, form whom you spent your time. And then you forgot to fill in the tool and all of a sudden you have a hard time figuring out where you have been. There is a revolution: iPhone solves…


Is Remote-Application-Removal Acceptable?

I just read this article on Google pulling 50 applications from their Android marketplace (Google uses remote delete to remove Android apps from smartphones – Update). A very good decision as these apps leverage an exploit to access user data. However, what made me think is that they removed the applications from the devices. This…


Windows Phone 7 Updates

You might have heard that we will ship an update for Windows Phone 7 soon. Yes, with some new functionality, I am waiting for as well. In the next few days we update the update mechanism to make the delivery for the next version smoother. The interesting piece is, however, the update history we publish….


Time to sell your iPhone

I guess you do not know the problem: My kids come home from school and want an iPod – I want them to use a Zune as I am convinced that iTunes is one of the worst software I have ever seen (besides RealPlayer), I hate the lock-in into the store and the iPod user…


Windows Phone 7 Reviews

I just got a mail that my Windows Phone 7 is ready for pick-up. Unfortunately I am in Redmond at the moment and my Windows Phone 7 is in Switzerland. The poor device will have to wait for me for another week (or is it the other way around – poor Roger has to wait…