Council of Europe Octopus Conference- Some Thoughts

l am still sitting in the parliament room of the Council of Europe at the celebration event for the Budapest Convention. It was another very good event advancing the challenges fighting Cybercrime. Let me try to summarize a few thoughts: The Budapest Convention is probably the best convention out there allowing a wide adoption of…


Libya Violence Exploited by Scammers

It is a repeating pattern but not the less disgusting. Whenever bad things happens on the globe, the criminals are not far. This happened during hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia, the earthquake in Haiti and now, not surprisingly in Libya as you can read in this blog post by Sophos: Violence in Libya exploited…


The Wild West on the Internet… A Crime Story

A fairly interesting thriller on the Internet. It just shows that we need better ways to collaborate between private and public sector and to hunt criminals: How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price Scary… Roger


Conclusion on UNODC: Open Ended Expert Group on Cybercrime

I told you that I will attend the UNODC: Open Ended Expert Group on Cybercrime, which is now slowly coming to an end. Let me draw a few conclusions on the meeting. It was not the first UN meeting I attended and – depending on the audience – the discussion can easily result an long…


UNODC: Open Ended Expert Group on Cybercrime

From tomorrow on, UNDOC invited for an Open Ended Expert Group on Cybercrime in Vienna. I am really interested in seeing hoe these discussions will go. If – by any chance – you are there as well, please ping me and we will have a chat. Otherwise, I will see what I can blog about….


Publishing Secret or Sensitive Information

With a lot of interest I followed the media on the latest Wikileaks’ publication of sensitive documents from the US Government. At least here in Europe, there is a huge debate whether this publication is really problematic for the United States. A discussion I do not want to comment here, as I am not able…


Turkey signed Cybercrime Convention

We are huge supporter of the Convention on Cybercrime by the Council of Europe. The reason for this is that we are convinced that there is a need of a certain level of harmonization across the Globe regarding cybercrime laws. Today I learned, that Turkey signed the convention yesterday. This is a great achievement and…


What is More Important to You? Privacy or Safety?

I want to start upfront: I do not want to take a position here. I have an opinion as a person in my cultural context but I understand that this opinion is by far not the only one which is right or wrong. This morning I read this article: FBI Drive for Encryption Backdoors Is…


FTC Takes Action Against Employee Bloggers

This is an interesting information: FTC Takes Action Against Employee Bloggers. I am often asked about the rules and guidelines we have internally for bloggers. One is to be transparent. Whenever I blog, tweet or comment on a blog, I am always transparent that I am working for Microsoft – at least when I do…


Cloud Computing: Benefits and Risks of Moving Federal IT into the Cloud

July 1st, Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President Trustworthy Computing was testifying at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Basically the hearing was on the benefits and risk of Cloud adoption for the US government. If you are interested in reading his full testimony, you will find it here. Additionally, Scott…