News from the Interop front

Not directly security related: I am often asked about the interoperability between our products and third-party products. Additionally people claim that we do not allow others to use our technology – that we lock you in. Just now I read the following news: Google just announced Google Sync, which licenses our Active Sync technology. As…


Network Access Protection Client for Mac and Linux

This is very exciting news: Unet, one of our NAP partners now delivers a NAP Client for Mac and Linux. Here are some very cool screenshots from their website: This is the Windows Client: Here for Mac: And finally for Linux: If you are running mixed environments, you should look into Roger


Office Binary Formats on the Web

I just wanted to make you aware that we put the Office Binary Formats on the web. We did this for interoperability reasons but often this can be very useful for forensics as well: Microsoft Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) File Formats Roger