10 Years of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft

Before joining Microsoft a little bit more than 10 years ago, I ran a team at PricewarehoureCoopers on e-Business Risk Management – classical security consulting in the Internet bubble time. When I announced that I will leave PwC and join Microsoft, I got interesting reactions (and remember, this was 2001). Mainly they were along two…


The DigiNor Story–So Far

I just read an article on SANS: DigiNotar breach – the story so far. To be clear: This is not a Microsoft analysis nor any official statement from us. What we have to say is in the advisory: Microsoft Security Advisory (2607712) – Fraudulent Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing. It just gives an interesting overview…


Ten Immutable Laws Of Security (Version 2.0)

You might have known the 10 Immutable Laws Of Security since quite a while. It is kind of the “collected non-technical wisdom” of what we see in security respeonse being it in Microsoft Security Response Center or in our Security Product Support. There is now a version 2, which is still as important as version…


Is the online world more dangerous?

I often hear statements that the risk of losing your identity or being a victim of fraud is much higher online than offline. From my point of view it is more about the feelings of the consumer: In the real world, we know the risks – at least we learned them over the ages from…


Interpol’s Chief’s Facebook Identity Stolen

This is one of the risks, not a lot of people look into: It is fairly easy for me to setup a Facebook account in another person’s name. This is what happened to Ronald K. Noble, head of Interpol: Interpol Chief Ronald K. Noble Has Facebook Identity Stolen. Roger


Doing the right thing on ID management isn’t enough…

Even though it might be obvious, compliance is not only about protecting data but identities as well – and more. Jon Collins, Freeform Dynamics, whom I value high, wrote a good article: Doing the right thing on ID management isn’t enough… – you should read it! Roger


Identity in the Cloud

Kim Cameron, one of our key identity architects had an interesting presentation on identity in the cloud and a corresponding interview. Both are worth looking at if you are planning to move into the direction of the cloud. Especially as it is definitely one of the key challenges: This is Kim’s presentation: If you want…