10 Years of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft

Before joining Microsoft a little bit more than 10 years ago, I ran a team at PricewarehoureCoopers on e-Business Risk Management – classical security consulting in the Internet bubble time. When I announced that I will leave PwC and join Microsoft, I got interesting reactions (and remember, this was 2001). Mainly they were along two…


Ten Immutable Laws Of Security (Version 2.0)

You might have known the 10 Immutable Laws Of Security since quite a while. It is kind of the “collected non-technical wisdom” of what we see in security respeonse being it in Microsoft Security Response Center or in our Security Product Support. There is now a version 2, which is still as important as version…


Fraud via Phone on the Raise

FTC released their Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for January – December 2010. The interesting and scary thing is that fraud via phone is on the raise. We get more and more complaints by customers as well, telling us that they got a call from “Microsoft” with the ask for getting access to the PC…


When Identity Theft and Privacy Meet

It is always bad, if comics have a significant portion of truth: and then and finally hmm…. too much truth for me to cope with Roger