Less Spam? Another Successful Botnet Takedown!

Our Digital Crimes Unit just took down another one: After Rustock and Waladec, now comes Kelihos. This is another great success in fighting criminals. If you want to read more: Microsoft Neutralizes Kelihos Botnet, Names Defendant in Case Roger


Special Intelligence Report on the Rustock Takedown

As you might remember, on Match 16th Microsoft together with other industry players was successfully able to take down the Rustock botnet and thus significantly reducing the spam level. We now just published a special Intelligence Report on this botnet: Read an overview of the Win32/Rustock family of rootkit-enabled backdoor Trojans background, functionality, how it…


10 Tough Botnet Questions

Botnets are one of the toughest problems in the world of Cybercrime today. At least, this is what we think… ENISA just published an interesting paper called Botnets: 10 Tough Questions, which raise questions about e.g. the size of botnets or better the way the size is estimated etc. Basically the 10 questions are: HOW…


Fighting Crime and Protecting Privacy–a Contradiction?

I was reading an article today called Does Your ISP Care About Protecting Your Privacy?. An interesting question. The ISPs in the article are even thinking of VPNing all the traffic to avoid the necessity for keeping the logs (or probably better, NATing the whole network). So it seems that the ISPs in this article…


The Botnet Superhighway

An interesting analysis by the Malware Protection Center: The Botnet Superhighway Roger


What it takes to shut down a botnet

It hits the press from time to time that somebody was successful taking down a botnet. We had some success as well with the Waledac Botnet Takedown. There is actually a good article on What it takes to shut down a botnet. When I was doing some bing-search on the botnet takedowns, I found good…