Unique in the Crowd – False sense of Privacy

This morning, I was reading a very interesting article called Unique in the Crowd: The privacy bounds of human mobility. This is the abstract: We study fifteen months of human mobility data for one and a half million individuals and find that human mobility traces are highly unique. In fact, in a dataset where the…


Targeted Attacks – a Video Series

Trustworthy Computing in partnership with Microsoft IT, Microsoft Consulting and the product groups just released a series of videos on targeted attacked and how to defend. I would definitely urge you to listen to them and make sure you implement the countermeasures: Targeted Attacks Video Series Roger


Are we sitting on a time bomb?

I just read another of these studies: Enterprises sitting on security time bomb as office workers compromise company data. Let’s briefly look at the findings first: 38% of U.S. office workers admit to storing work documents on personal cloud tools and services […] almost a fifth (16 percent) of people use Dropbox to store work…


The Moscow Rules in the Cyberspace

Doing your basics is a natural given, when you defend your assets. Basics like updating your computers, staying on latest versions, dynamic network zones, incident response, identity management, monitoring etc. etc. – last but not least (or probably first J) is to know your assets and have your data classified so that you understand, which…