Try Office 365 Home Premium

Today is the day we launched Office 2013 officially to the broad market. This is a real cool step forward you should look at: Go to and give it a try. For only $8/year you get the ability to have it on up to 5 PCs or Macs (well, I guess you choose PCs…


Security in 2013 – the way forward?

Typically January is the month where we are asked to make predictions on the trends for the New Year. I do not like this as I am an engineer and not a fortune tellerJ. But there are things we know and things we definitely need to drive this year. I would actually put it into…


An Attack via VPN – Really?

I was just made aware of a case study, which is a really interesting “attack” on a US company via VPN. It is sometimes not like it seems… You should read this: Case Study: Pro-active Log Review Might Be A Good Idea Roger


The Directory in the Cloud?

It seems that it is an eternity ago – and it is. Pretty much three years ago, Doug Cavit and me published a paper called the Cloud Computing Security Considerations. Even though it is three years, the paper is still worth reading as the content still applies. What we basically said was, that if you…


New book on Direct Access

A lot of customers are asking us about Direct Access and how you can implement it. Erez Ben Ari (a Senior Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft) and Bala Natarajan (a Program Manager in our Windows division) wrote a book on that called Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment. This is the abstract:…