10 Reasons to migrate off Windows XP

I would like you to sit back, close your eyes and think about the year 2001. Think about how you used technology back then, how you used the Internet. Now, let’s take it a little bit further back in history and think of the year 2000. Just after we realized that the Year-2000-Problem was handled…


Office 365 Becomes First and Only Major Cloud Productivity Service to Comply With Leading EU and U.S. Standards for Data Protection and Security

A long title but this was the title of the official press statement yesterday. Compliance is always a key question in the public cloud space. Therefore it is very important for us that we now achieved three things: Office 365 is compliant with EU Model Clauses, Data Processing Agreements and ISO 27001 among other standards….


Implementing the Top 4 Defense Strategies

The Australian Defense Signals Directorate maintains a list of the Top 35 Mitigation Strategies against targeted intrusions. This is just a reference to the top strategies: Patch Applications Patch the Operating System Minimize the use of local admin Application whitelisting … Looking at these 35 strategies, the DSD claims that While no single strategy can…