Cybersecurity–More than a good headline

A lot of governments all across the globe are working on starting, restarting or pushing their Cybersecurity initiative. What often concerns me is, that the last real headline has more impact on the strategy and the themes to be addressed than a structure or a plan or a strategy.

This made us thinking about what is needed to run a successful Cybersecurity Agenda within a country? What themes ought to be addressed and in which form.

We came up with a fairly simple model:


To explain the model, we just published two papers about it:

In parallel we are working on a book about this, giving much more examples and background – so stay tuned.

The only thing I really know: When I do a presentation explaining Cybersecurity and at the end show the slide above, governments love it. Typically they approach me asking for the deck – if they are not politically correct they tell me that they just want to get this slide.

Comments are very welcome. If you need/want further information, get in touch with me. Happy to help


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am pleased to see Critical Infrastructure on your radar. It is definitely one of the key domain to focus on.



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