Six “New” Attack Vectors

Reading this article Six New Hacks That Will Make Your CSO Cringe made me think as it has a few fairly interesting approaches:

  1. Fake Phone Networks: I am wondering how much work it takes to do it. If the effort is not too high, I am not (yet) too worried about it. But still, for targeted espionage, it might be scary.
  2. Hacking Your Phone to Hack Your Computer: This is kind of obvious but scary. If I look at things like this Phone Security: Lose your Passwords on iPhone in a few minutes, the phone is most probably an interesting attack vector
  3. Denial of Service Against Your Desktop: We have never seen this yet but one of the reasons, why we do our best to deliver high-quality updates
  4. Cloud-Based Warfare: A lot of talk about this but I am not sure, how big this threat is today. Using the Cloud power and capacity is definitely something the criminals are looking at.
  5. Breaking Open Your Android Phone: To me that’s actually the same as 2
  6. Stealing Corporate Secrets Through Weak Systems: Nothing new

At least there are a few things which made me thing…


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