Real Physical Security

I saw this this morning – have a great weekend:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude..this is good, but it made me crack my ribs. Meanwhile, I am doing a physical security task assessment on academic work, I would love to use this pic for my introductory presentation. Kudos

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just to be clear: The picture is public on a public site


  3. Emanuel says:

    Hello, where did you find this pic? Did you take it?

  4. Joakim Jardenberg says:

    Could you please put this under Creative Commons? It's a great pic and I would like to use it in a presentation.

  5. Nikke Lindqvist says:

    +1 on what Joakim Jardenberg asked.

  6. Brother LC-51BK says:

    This picture can really speak well about security!

  7. funny says:

    That's particularly funny since it looks like the chain was long enough without the extra three links.

  8. Joscience says:

    Not much difference between a Master Lock and a zip tie anyway.  Just about the easiest lock to pick or shim there is…

  9. justin says:

    They probably lost the key.  The zipties are the opening link now!

  10. Leonardo says:

    Like everything else in the security world…the illusion of security is enough…or maybe it was a case of poor key control…

  11. resistor X says:

    That's pittiful, and funny.

    Gee… what's the address so I can go take advantage??…jk….


    Can't believe when someone runs across something like that.  

    Some people crack me up.  Thanx to whoever it was for attempting to be secure, it made for a great photo…. you made me laugh!


  12. mtvedten says:

    No chain is stronger than its weakest link !

  13. Ryan Barrett says:

    I might use this as a Security Awareness Poster. Caption: "Don't be the ziptie"

  14. tony says:

    Another request for Creative commons (or other) license so I can use this … thanks.

  15. Contrarian says:

    3 people wanting the picture for free, and not one offering to send you money. A pity but far from a surprise.

  16. Roentgen says:

    @Contrarian: Well, to be fair – it would not take much effort to reproduce.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @Contrarian: They could simply take the picture and use it without asking anything. I understand that the ones asking for a CC license are simply willing to use the image but not to pay for it, which is a legitimate request. It's up to the author to accept or decline those requests, and I'm quite sure that if this is not made available under a CC license, no one of the requesters will use the photo anywhere. Like I'm sure that other people will use that without permission, even without saying anything here in the comments.

    About the picture itself, good capture!

  18. jens says:

    Great picture – and yes, I would love to use it in a presentation as well…

    Would offer another security pic in compensation (which I would have to upload from home) – or anything else which appears reasonable 🙂

  19. Carey says:

    FOOL PROOF! Sure the terrorists will probably have a bomb, but will they bring really sharp scissors?

  20. Jeff25 says:

    Keep in mind the possibility that the ziptie was placed by the person breaching the original security.

  21. Stefan says:

    rhalbeer, it is irrelevant whether the picture is on a public site or not. It is copyrighted to the author or the person who took the picture. That doesn't mean people can simply use it (just ask the UK newspaper Daily Mail about how many times they've been invoiced for images used this way without payment).

    I second Contrarian in what should be asked for is a license for its use under the conditions that the author would like it to be used under. While the request for it to be licensed under Creative Commons is legitimate, it is up to the author to decide under what conditions the public are allowed to use it. If it's CC, then so be it. 🙂

    Roentgen, no, it doesn't take much effort to reproduce, but clearly those requesting a CC license to the image can't be bothered to reproduce it, or else they wouldn't ask.

  22. Stefan says:

    Oh, and… Splendid picture. I wonder how many would pick the lock before realising that they could've simply cut the tie. 🙂

  23. stenboj says:

    Um.. Stefan, rhalbheer is the guy who posted the picture in the first place.Since HE thinks (and therefore intends) that by posting it to a public site he has released it for use, then I will accept his offer.

    Thanks, Roger!  If you give us more detail and a way to attribute the photo to you, then I'll pass that along when I use it.


  24. Bob Hyatt says:

    I worked at a factory where we did something similar at the parking lot entrance to the property.  We had a hook to hang a link on, with the padlock visible.  We knew it was theater, but it discouraged those whom we wanted to discourage from coming on the property.  Without the theater, semis would park on our parking lot overnight.  With it, no such problem. Every employee with a legitimate reason to be there did not need to carry a key. The main facility had much more elaborate security, but the security theater did what we asked of it.  

  25. Beta says:

    @Ryan Barrett: are you serious? A better caption might be "A Waste of Steel", or "Is this 90% secure?", or "Are the Steel Links Strong Enough?"

  26. quarl says:

    This would be a great picture for the wikipedia article…/Security_theater .

    But we need an unambiguous license declaration; "the picture is public on a public site" is not enough.

  27. fireman says:

    Looks like our border.

  28. notnecessary says:


  29. Houston Surveillance says:

    I don't think that this kind of physical security is safe, anyone can break it with help of hammer or other tool.

  30. Hill Country Rancher says:

    Like many, we use a visible lock on a chain fastened with a concealed snap because a gate or exit often cannot be locked for fire code, logistical, or legal reasons. A few might get through, but the coyotes got to eat something.

  31. torontosecurity says:

    As soon as any company goes public they become beholden to stock holders.

  32. The says:

    Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.

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