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This is a private post – and does not really have a lot to do with my job at Microsoft. Well, a little… A friend of mine – actually the EMEA Security PR guy at Microsoft – is an addicted dart player and participates often in dart tournaments. Which has a big advantage for me: When we have a business meeting in London – Richard knows the pubs but this is a completely different story.

A few years back it was the first time Richard got in touch with me: They decided to break the record of continuous dart playing. And they broke it but do not ask me anymore how long it was – just terribly long. They lost the record again and fought it back. Each time they raised money for cancer research.

Now it is time for a new one. In Richard’s own words:

As some of you know, I’m a keen darts player, and also an enthusiastic fund raiser for Cancer Research. Once a year I try to combine these two passions.

This year’s event will be the first ever true darts marathon. In the past there have been many darts marathons measured in time – 24, 48 hours and even longer. But never has there been one in which the aim is to cover the 26 miles 385 yard distance of a marathon whilst playing darts. Well, April 23 through April 25 we will be attempting to put this right en route to raising £10,000 for Cancer Research, The Royal British Legion and a local dialysis unit in Reading.

There’s 1,661,220 inches in a marathon. Throw three darts, take them out of the board and walk back again and you’ve covered 186.5 inches. Now do that 8,908 times and you’ve covered a marathon. More than 20 people will take part playing in four hours shifts. We will throw nearly 29,000 darts and expect the challenge to last around 40 hours ending at noon on Sunday, April 25th which, coincidentally is the day of the London Marathon. In keeping with the marathon theme and to attract media attention, all players will be dressed as marathon runners.

I think that this is an outstanding idea and did not only support it, I would like you to do the same! Go to http://www.justgiving.com/truedartsmarathon and support Richard. This is no joke, no spam – I know the guy and it is truly genuine!


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