Monitoring the Blog Hits – Live in Silverlight!

If you are running a blog, you might most probably use one of the websites which show where your user come from – no? Like Clustrmaps, which I used for a few years. Then I found a new one, which I like much more as it gives me more information. If is called WorldMaps and the best thing is, it is based on Bing maps 🙂 and delivers fairly cool pictures (read until the end. The real cool thing is at the very end of the post :-)):


Additionally, it delivers the statistics I need with regards to hit rates over the month, browser hits etc:



and a few more. But the real reason, why I am blogging this is the live view on the traffic. If you go to the Stumbler, you get a live Silverlight view of where the hits are coming from. The only drawback I found is that the selection of the web pages you want to see live is not saved. So, e.g. if you want to see the Live hits for my blog (a slow one – so help me to increase), you click on Maps on the top right, click Uncheck All, in the filter box enter Halbheer and click on both blogs shown, close the window – and then just watch. Unfortunately I was unable to embed it into this page but it looks like this (click on it to see it live):


When I access the blog, I am shown in the far west of Switzerland - so, at least the country is right 🙂 


Comments (3)

  1. Ron says:

    Wow this is really cool! This looks much betrer then cluster maps, and the fact its based on the Bng map service is even better. I like Bing maps better then Google’s because I find them easier to use.

    i will have to sign up and see if I qualify, this would be really cool to try out. Thanks for the info on this, it looks very promising.

  2. Oliver Hoger says:

    i have use it and i think its very fast. l like this softweare very much.

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