HP and Microsoft Partnership: That’s What You Need in the Cloud

Often when I talk to our customers and they ask me about the cloud, a lot of questions come up. Most of them are security related (obviously) but some of them are more management focused. For example the question about how to manage a hybrid environment, where part of your business is run on premise, part of it in the cloud (being it private, community, public)? Whom do I call if things go wrong?

The same is true for partners who want to build solutions on our technology like Windows Azure.

I am convinced that the announcement you heard yesterday is a step in the very right direction. If you want to know more about it, you should read New HP and Microsoft Agreement to Simplify Technology Environments.

There is a video section showing how our Execs see the agreement:

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Mark Hurd, HP

And there are a lot of other voices there.

It is all about your choice how to embrace the cloud - nobody else's!


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