Conficker and Microsoft Anti-Malware Software

I want to add a few things as it is still not over: More and more enterprises are still hit. My last blog post showed you what you can do but I wanted to add two resources and a comment. The comment first: There were some discussions about our Anti-Malware solution. We had protections in…


Additional Information on Conficker – MSRT removing Conficker

Over the last few days I blogged several times about Conficker and some of the posts caught quite some press attention. Especially when I talked about the Russian Roulette. Today I have very, very good news: The Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) which we will release today includes signatures to remove Conficker as far as…


Russian Roulette with your Network (part 2)

My latest blog post on this matter generated quite some attention. Based on what happened since then, let me be clear on what I wanted to say (and still want to say): If you decide not to roll out a security update which is so critical that we decide to go out of band, you…


Apple releases Keyboardless Laptop

Wow, there are news, which we cannot cope with. Apple just announced the first laptop without keyboard: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard and additionally the new Mac Tiny: They even talk about the Mac Nano in this video Enjoy Roger


Windows 7 Beta and Windows Live

You might have heard it: Yesterday at CES, Steve Ballmer made two very important announcements: The availability of Windows 7 Beta And the availability of the latest version of Windows Live So, start having a look at these two new products. It is worth it! Roger


Network Access Protection Client for Mac and Linux

This is very exciting news: Unet, one of our NAP partners now delivers a NAP Client for Mac and Linux. Here are some very cool screenshots from their website: This is the Windows Client: Here for Mac: And finally for Linux: If you are running mixed environments, you should look into Roger


Russian Roulette with your Network

First of all, before I really start, I hope that you all had a great start in 2009. Mine was actually pretty mixed. The good side was, how my year really started and what I saw when I looked out the window at January 1st (yes, I was on vacation skiing and this was how…