The New Bing Maps – Freaking Cool!!!

It has nothing to do with security – I know but it is very, very, very cool!!!!

We just released the new Bing Maps explorer! The first thing you will see is that we integrated Photosynth and Silverlight. So, no tiles anymore when loading a map. It just comes smoothly. And zooming in to photos is not possible as well – it rocks. But that’s just the start.

Remember the days, where you tried to understand which map version (Road, Aerial, Bird’s View) just fits best based on the data which is available? Well, when you are living outside the US, you will know what I am talking of… This time is definitely  over. Bing Maps takes automatically care of this “problem” and it really works:


That’s the maps. But there is a cool API you can use to build integrated applications with Bing Maps. These are the ones for the Redmond Campus location:

500x340[1] So, using the Current Traffic now brings me to the well-known traffic map (in Sliverlight – of course):

500x334[1] And now you know the feeling. All these things work great – if you are in the US… But as soon as you are outside, the data is missing – wrong again. Let’s take the Today’s front pages as an example. I have been in Zagreb last week, so let’s see what we find there:

500x368[1] The front page of a local newspaper. And as this is an extensible platform, there is nothing which prohibits you from writing an additional add-in.

BTW: Did I tell you already that I think this new Bing Maps is really, really cool?


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  1. thomas woelfer says:

    unfortunately, just like the previous releases, this doesn’t work all that well outside the  us. i’m located in munich, germany, and just tried:

    – buseinesses by category (according to bing, there are no businesses at all around here)

    – todays fron page (according to bing, i should visit in washington)

    – what’s nearby (nothing, according to bing)

    – traffic information (none)

    … sorry Roger, but this simply doesn’t work at all over here.

  2. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Awesome work, really cool.

    Maybe, It will improve and enhance more in future for users living outside U.S

  3. brad says:

    Bing maps looks pretty darn cool, especially with the update.

    Will have to check it out.

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