Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series for IE 8 and Windows 7

Just a brief one: the Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series has been updated to incorporate Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. So, to help you to manage security and compliance in your environment, you should have a look at it: Roger


Look at the Enhanced Mitigation Evaluation Toolkit

Recently we announced the availability of the Enhanced Mitigation Evaluation Toolkit. This is a toolkit which makes it easier to defend your application on different levels – free of charge. Read the post done by our Security Research and Defense guys: Announcing the release of the Enhanced Mitigation Evaluation Toolkit Roger


Secure Datacenter, Secure Cloud, Secure Government

At the moment I invest a lot of my time in a Whitepaper on Client and Cloud Security. There are a few fundamentals, which are already clear to me: You will not be able to run a trusted cloud ecosystem without a trusted client and trusted interactions. So, the End to End Trust model is…


Could Microsoft solve the scareware problem?

This morning I read the following article: Microsoft can help kill fake antivirus threat. And interesting approach. The proposal is that we could white-list all the legitimate security software within the OS in order to make it harder to trick the user. Well, would this work? I am not so sure: First of all, what…


Why it pays to be secure – Chapter 3 – But how do I?

Our EMEA Security Program Manager, Henk van Roest, started this series internally and with his consent I am publishing it here in my blog as I think it contains a lot of great information for you to use. Security — you hear about it every day. Being responsible for information security can be a daunting…


COFEE now distributed via a NW3C as well

COFEE is a tool available to Law Enforcement only to capture online evidence with a little training as possible. The idea behind the tool is, that there is little need for high-trained staff to be available during e.g. house searches and that a normal, much less trained officer can capture all the data. Until today,…


Software Piracy – A Threat to Security!

Beginning of this year, I tried to understand, whether we can show a collaboration between Piracy (stolen software) and Malware Infections. I played a little bit with the data I had available and came to the conclusion, that there most probably is: Is there a Correlation between Stolen Software (Piracy) and Security/Patching? Now, the Business…


SharePoint External Collaboration Toolkit moved to Codeplex

Quite a while ago I blogged about the SharePoint External Collaboration Toolkit. I just wanted to make you aware that this toolkit is now moved to Codeplex and can be found here: Roger


The Africa Cable – A Chance for Africa! – A Threat for the Internet?

The development in Africa especially with the new broadband services to me is a huge chance for the whole continent. I just found this map on the next two years: source: IntelFusion Even though I have not been in Africa over the last few months, I heard that in different cities fiber is brought directly…