Do you really want to move to the Cloud? Really?

Well, the question is not too provocative. The longer I look into the risk, the more I am asking this question. Now, we have to separate the different company sizes. I guess for a small and medium business – with the correct safety measures – it makes a lot of sense and you could safe some money. But what about governments or larger companies?

I just looked at a discussion between Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum. I agree with Bruce’s view in about 98% (I let you figure out the final 2%).

So, do me a favor: Watch the video at the end of this article: Security challenges with cloud computing services.

Done that? Now, think about the workloads you have in your company and tell me in the comments which load you will push to the cloud. Is it e-Mail? HR? Your customer relationship management? And if yes, under what conditions? I would love to hear more from you

And the deal is: I will let you know in the next few weeks how I see the cloud security model.

Thank you


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