Monitoring the Virtual Environment

I recently blogged on how I monitor my environment: Monitoring - a Key Activity to a Trustworthy Infrastructure? In the meantime, I am doing more. I was just recently looking into System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

So, I installed it on my monitoring server and started to manage my virtual hosts centrally. Basically VMM gives me some pretty good information at one single source. As an example, I can look at my hosts:


So, I see how they are doing and see the key performance indicators. Additionally, I see a similar picture for the virtual machines:

500x367[1] Now, there are a lot of functionalities, like a Library for machines and disks, drag and drop between hosts (if they use the same add-ons) etc. So, a lot of possibilities not only to monitor but to manage your machines centrally.

Last but not least, there is close integration with System Center Operations Manager, where VMM leverages this platform. So, you are able to look at the network (physically):


Or the health status of the virtual server:


where you can see that I have a problem at the moment at the very server you might be reading this post on…

So, a lot of additional possibilities to manage your environment.

Last but definitely not least there are the PRO Tips – tips which are based on the performance indicators which are collected by VMM and help you to take decisions, how to optimize your environment.

And everything can be used across our virtualization technology as well as VMWare!


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