The Microsoft Security Update Guide

I know that these news are not new but I was away when we announced it and to me it is important enough to take it up afterwards.

Over the last few months we worked on a document explaining everything which is going on around an Update Tuesday. So, what is an Advanced Notification, what information do you find an a Security Bulletin and how should you handle this kind of information etc. We announced this document during Blackhat. To quote from the download page:

This Guide was designed to help IT professionals better understand and use Microsoft security release information, processes, communications, and tools. Our goal is to help IT professionals manage organizational risk and develop a repeatable, effective deployment mechanism for security updates. In this Guide, you will find a convenient glossary of terms, an overview of the Microsoft Security Bulletin process, and a stage-by-stage review of Microsoft Security Updates.

I think Michael Grady did an outstanding job pulling this all together.

It can be found and downloaded here: The Microsoft Security Update Guide


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