Microsoft awarded for Security

This is probably one of the best news I read since a long time. I often said, that I am convinced that we are in a lot of areas around security leading the industry. The complexity of building multi-purpose software in a secure way started to be addressed by us back when we introduced the Security Development Lifecycle which we make available publically on the web.

Today, Microsoft was recognized in the SD Times 100: 2009, an annual list from Software Development Times that acknowledges companies for being industry leaders in software development. Microsoft was awarded (as well as in other categories), alongside the likes of Coverity and Fortify a top spot in secure development. This is the first time since SD Times started publishing its “Top 100” list that Microsoft has been recognized in this category.

You can read this story here: DOWNLOAD ISSUE 6/15/2009 NOW! from page 21 onwards


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