DirectAccess – a Step by Step Guide

Direct Access is one of the coolest features I used since a quite while. I am part of our internal pilot since months and it is absolutely great: You connect to the Internet and you are immediately connected to the corporate network. No VPN, nothing.

If you want to know how to set this up, there is a guide for this: Step By Step Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess in a Test Lab


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Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    No, it is more a combination of IPSec, IPv6, NAP etc. Let me work on a post to explain a little bit better how it really works


  2. Larry Seltzer says:


    I read a marketese paper on this and called the folks in PR to ask: "if this isn’t a VPN then what’s the difference between it and a VPN?" and they didn’t want to give me a straight answer. Do you have one?

  3. Shoaib says:


    I think it’s sort of SSL VPN but i guess Roger can answer this one in much better way…



  4. sandeep says:

    hi roger,

    it will be very nice if u can write a post on,how directaccess is different then VPN.


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