Why you should not use P2P Windows 7 Builds

This is not about piracy and not about leaks and not about…

I am waiting for the new RC build as you are. I am running an intermediate build between Beta and RC and would love to upgrade all my machines (including my MediaCenter) to RC. However, I refrain from downloading it from any of the untrusted sources. The reason for this is pretty simple: You never know (and it is illegal).

Years back (and I have told this story over and over again) we ran an event where we fixed PCs of consumers for free for a whole week. Pretty often, when we found an infected machine, we found P2P software on it. When we talked to the person owning the PC he/she usually told us the “my son/daughter installed that and uses it”. We know that P2P is one of the most dangerous source of malware.

Read now, what happens with Windows 7: Leaked Windows 7 RC torrents infected with trojan

So, rather wait until you get access to the RC of Windows 7 – and so do I


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  1. Leishtek says:

    you sound like another MS apologist. Always "warning" people about the threats of piracy & P2P. Unfortunately, your kind just as often downloads ‘just a few songs’. It’s all moral for you, of course. Because you usually purchase what you dL first. Mmmmmph. Two face.

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