What happens with Conficker on April 1st?

I would love to know… You probably saw a lot of blog posts recently about “Conficker to strike back on April 1st” or similar.

If you are interested in what is know about Conficker and April 1st, read our encyclopedia entry on Conficker.D and you should choose the “Analysis” tab there, which gives you the details.

To be clear from my side: Please, concentrate on deploying the Security Update and cleaning Conficker (if you are infected) much more than being sidetracked by that.


Comments (2)

  1. BoulderStationHotel&Casino says:

    Looks like a nice recommendation!

  2. Mybrainrunslinux says:

    You refer to Conficker.D – is this different and newer than Conficker.C? I was under the impression <a href="http://tweakandtune.blogspot.com/2009/03/will-internet-survive-conficker.html">Conficker.C will attack April 1</a>.

    Please clarify if these are the same variant, as well as whether any analysis of the few successful Conficker.B communications has been done.

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