Octopus Conference on Cybercrime

Well, it is actually not “on Cybercrime” but on “Cooperation against Cybercrime” smile_wink

Today and tomorrow this conference takes place at the Council of Europe in Strasburg. The Council of Europe developed a convention on cybercrime, which is actually very good and helps to harmonize legislation. Unfortunately the convention is not yet ratified in a lot of countries – which is unfortunate.

What is very nice to see is, that there are a lot of people joining this conference from all the different organizations involved: Politics, Law Enforcement (e.g. Europol and Interpol), the private sector and academia from all across the globe. We just ran through the opening speeches and it is good to see that all the speakers (Europol, Microsoft, Kaspersky) all agree that a tighter coalition is needed and – in addition – new ways of partnerships are necessary to fight cybercrime. This does not mean that the enforcement power will shift. This has to remain with the police and as such with the government. But often the technology vendors have the pieces of information to connect the money trail with a technically complex crime.


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