Qtel’s Guide to a Faster Internet Experience

I like that: As you probably know, I did a tour through the Gulf when we launched the Security Intelligence Report last year. One of the reasons was that we know that the Gulf has a pretty high malware infection rate. You can read this in the corresponding blog post: Security Intelligence Report v5 Live!

Now, QTEL (the ISP in Qatar) released an interesting document called Qtel’s Guide to a Faster Internet Experience. What I like about it is that most of it is about security but it actually addresses the user where it “really hurts”: Internet performance.

You can read it yourself at the link above


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  1. CaliforniaSuperLottoNumbers says:

    Looks like a great guide. and yes, must people will read it to improve the "speed" but at the end, if the computer is also more secure, we all win!