Mozilla Patches Fastest. NOT!

I only believe the statistics I forged myself smile_regular

So, once more, there is a debate on which browser is the most secure, who fixed which vulnerabilities how fast. The Secunia Report 2008 was just published and it seems that this injects once more the fire about browser security.

Out Jeff Jones just posted at his view on the statistics. If you like looking into figures, there you go: Mozilla Patches Fastest. NOT!


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  1. Alexander Kunz says:

    The Secunia report also states that 12 of 12 zero day exploits/vulnerabilites were IE/ActiveX related. Which is not a miracle given that the malware "industry" surely targets the platform with the widest "reach" in terms of security holes. I don’t understand the "pissing contest" quality of the current discussion. If Mozilla had the market share of IE, the vulnerabilites in Firefox and browsers based on it would be the prime target of the bad boys. So in essence, you’re complaining about the market share of IE and to the critical attention it receives because of that? 🙂

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