News from the Interop front

Not directly security related: I am often asked about the interoperability between our products and third-party products. Additionally people claim that we do not allow others to use our technology – that we lock you in.

Just now I read the following news:

Google just announced Google Sync, which licenses our Active Sync technology. As Horacio Gutierrez our Deputy General Counsel and VP for Intellectual Property & Licensing puts it: Google’s licensing of these Microsoft patents relating to the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol is a clear acknowledgement of the innovation taking place at Microsoft.  This agreement is also a great example of Microsoft’ s openness to generally license our patents under fair and reasonable terms so long as licensees respect Microsoft intellectual property.  This open approach has been part of Microsoft’s IP licensing policy since 2003 and has resulted in over 500 licensing agreements of the last five years.

They base that on the Exchange ActiveSync IP Licensing Program.

So, I would look forward for our competitors to do similar things and allow interop between their products and other vendors like us smile_wink


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for sharing this up.

    It’s really a good initiative by Google. It would be great to see Microsoft bringing the same thing, allowing their users to sync Windows Live with their mobile calendar.

    As far as I know, Active Sync and Windows Mobile Sync are not compatible with Windows Live?  Many users would love to see this in near future.


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