After Estonia now Kyrgyzstan

There is definitely proof that during war times, armies add a virtual component to the “real life” war.

Additionally we have seen the attacks to Estonia, where nobody really knew where they originated from (I do not mean the country but whether a government was behind them of just a group of hackers).

Now, we see attacks on Kyrgyzstan – a country completely knocked off the Internet and this is scary! Think about the country you are living in: What would happen if you would be taken offline for a day – what would be the economical impact?

I quote from the article below:

Beyond the immediate effect on Kyrgyzstan, what's worrisome to Jackson is the speed with which this attack was mounted. "To put some perspective on this, it's been an escalating pattern from Estonia to Georgia to here," he said, referring to the 2007 and 2008 attacks against other former Soviet republics. "The attacks are more closely coinciding with events that are core to the Russian interest, with increasingly fast response and quick mobilization.

"When it once took days or weeks, now we're seeing it within hours," Jackson said.

Russian 'cybermilitia' knocks Kyrgyzstan offline

Cyberterrorism is definitely something we have to have a look at in the near future!


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