Is Mozilla really the most secure Web Browser?

On Mozilla claims that Firefox is “The Safest Web Browser”. Unfortunately they leave a lot of their claims unsupported.

This is something our Jeff Jones looks into. Since a lot of years Jeff looks into figures and metrics around security and is very well known for his vulnerability analysis. So he is looking closer into their claims and analyses them. Just as an example:

Here is the chart with regards to “Days of Risk” Mozilla published:


And this is Jeff’s view for Firefox:

ff-2006-risk[1] Pretty big difference – isn’t it?

As he will publish a series of articles, here are the first two:

If you want to argue about the figures, use Jeff’s articles as he is the one owning the data and knowing what he wanted to say


Comments (3)

  1. Paul Bauer says:

    I still prefer FF over IE. Have you checked out Flock? It’s based on FF, but has way cooler features built in.

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