Algeria: Conference on Certification (eID)

When I tweeted last week that I am on my way to Algeria, I got quite some reactions and questions that I shall report how it was. So, let me try to briefly summarize my impressions. I was invited to speak at a conference on certification in Algiers. Well, initially I pushed back as I…


Microsoft Security Essentials – Coming even closer to you

Today we were adding 17 additional markets to our Microsoft Security Essentials offering. I am really excited about that as all these markets are in EMEA: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally we added Russian an Romanian…


Climate: Environmental Atlas of Europe

This is a pretty interesting approach: During the Copenhagen conference now, United Nations Environment Programme, esa and the European Environment Agency launched a website called the Environmental Atlas of Europe. The goal of this atlas is to give examples where people, organizations or communities are already working on the climate change challenge and what they…


Summary of Bitlocker Discussions

Last week there was quite some discussion about “successful attacks” on Bitlocker. Those discussions are often quite interesting for me as they show sometimes that people are looking for one technical solution for all the problems. Bitlocker has a clear threat model it wants to protect you from. This is mainly the loss of your…


Get Safe Online: Don’t be a Money Mule

You know, there are people who blog late, there are people who blog very late and then there is me… I actually missed that one even though I was triggered: Mid November there was the Get Safe Online Week 2009 in the UK. Usually they do really good stuff and this is the reason I…


The New Bing Maps – Freaking Cool!!!

It has nothing to do with security – I know but it is very, very, very cool!!!! We just released the new Bing Maps explorer! The first thing you will see is that we integrated Photosynth and Silverlight. So, no tiles anymore when loading a map. It just comes smoothly. And zooming in to photos…


“Black Screen of Death” Reports

Oh, wow – sometimes the power of social media, the blogs and the Internet can backfire. I guess in the meantime you have seen the claims by Prevx that approx. 80 Mio of PCs are affected by the Black Screen of Death problems supposedly caused by our November Security Updates. This caused (and still causes)…


Questions to Ask your (Security) Vendor

You know that I am a big fan of Security Development Lifecycles as we run it internally to build code which is more resilient against attacks. And I recently blogged on Security – A Feature Discussion? Some Thoughts on Google’s Chrome OS as I am convinced that it is much more important to look into…


Security and Usability

It is not a new concept: The secure way is only secure if it is the easiest way. I have seen a lot of solutions which are extremely secure – in the eyes of the security people. However, the users find a lot of ways to circumvent the security measures because they are too complex…


Talking about Transparency – Windows Azure Dashboard

This is a nice feature – on this page we show the current state of our Azure services. This is the kind of transparency (on the operations’ side) we need. There is much more needed with regards to process transparency but this is a great first step Roger