Security and Piracy – a Correlation?

I am working on a blog post on Security and Piracy looking into the data I have available. Probably it will be ready next week but what I wanted to know: Is there anybody who did some research about this already? I would appreciate if you could let me know. I will definitely share my view on this in the next few days


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:


    Security and Piracy is always been one of the hot topic.

    Piracy is quite similar to Computer Security. In which, we are constantly trying to beat bad guys. Ultimately, we come up with a technique to avoid Piracy but unfortunately bad guys always win.

    We definetely start need to work and focus on this domain like we do on Internet banking security, phishing, scams, spams etc

    I do have few articles which might help you in your research. I will find them and flick through an email.

    Goodluck with your research – looking forward to it.



  2. Home Security Systems says:

    What is the correlation between Copyright and Web activity? ?

    Many ask about the significance of Privacy and Confidentiality of Data in Web. The common point amongst the security in Web and Copyright is keeping Privacy and Confidentiality of Web Browsers and Internet Service Providers.

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