98% unpatched – and I am one of them :(

Well, you saw my post earlier this week on the 1.96% of PCs being updated according to Secuina. Well, as time does, I decided to install this tool as well to look at it. I did an initial scan on my home PC and this was the outcome:


Outch, this hurts my soul but shows as well the problem: I definitely have all our software updated and with must of the solutions above, I have the updates switched on (except Apple, where I switched it off when they wanted to install Safari as an update :()

But honestly, the tool is pretty cool. If you switch to advanced mode, you even get pretty detailed information:


So, this makes me really think. This is a PC which I really look after and keep it updated. Nevertheless I seem to have failed.

This shows me the fundamental problem: If I am not able to keep it up to date, how shall my Mom and Dad? The Secunia Personal Software Inspector helps a little bit but I am nut sure whether my parents are able to handle it. So, what we are basically missing is a central point and mechanism to distribute security updates. But who controls this channel? Who ensures that no criminal can get access to it? That no viruses are distributed?

Still a long way to go…


P.S: Do not even try to attack my PC based on these vulns – they are closed in the meantime

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You know that we release our Security Intelligence Report twice an year: Today Version 6 is due. Let

  2. tony says:

    this need to be done by the feds!  I’m almost giving up on home users they have no chance to fight these things.  Now a corporation has a slim chance but you need to be running the fdcc setup with many external layers of protection.

  3. Shoaib says:

    I agree Roger.

    This tool is pretty cool but can be very complicated for home users.

    Microsoft has very important feature "Auto Update", if it use properly, home users can protect them self from OS vulnerabilities but i have seen lot of people disabling that as well.


  4. Ronald Heinen says:

    Separated Communication, Processing and Storage functionality is the best way to guarantee Security and optionally Privacy. A presentation of an operational low-cost PC-based (research) system in which this function separation is implemented can be found by searching for the keyword "quantum" on the link http://www.swissitpro.ch

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