Security Intelligence Report v5 Live!

As you are probably used from us, we are issuing our Security Intelligence Report twice an year. It is by far the most comprehensive report across the industry. This report helps us to understand the threat landscape and will help you to do the same as we believe that the more we share this knowledge the better our customers will be protected.

So, let’s have a look at some content of the report:

The very chapter is completely new and will give you some insights into the way we see the underground economy works. Basically it shows you how people who are not too IT-literate get access to malicious  code


And then how they can offer their underground, criminal services in order to make money

This is new and really interesting from a background perspective.

In addition we do, what you expect us to do 🙂 - talk about the trends we see. So the number of reported vulnerabilities in the industry went down again:


As is your share in the reported vulnerabilities…

A new chapter in the report is browser-based exploits and we found an interesting difference how the criminals exploit vulnerabilities in XP vs Vista.

This is the chart on browser-based exploits targeting Microsoft and third-party software on computer running Windows XP:


and then the same on Vista:


And last but definitely not least, we can look at the map within EMEA (you find the world-map in the report) when it comes to the malware distribution. So, this is data collected by the Malicious Software Removal tool based on locale (and it is normalized by the number of executions):

So, in the meantime I expect you to be really interested in reading the whole report. So you should go ahead! You can find it here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my last post , I briefly touched on different features of Windows Vista, which I think are important

  2. Anonymous says:

    At the moment I am travelling through the Gulf in order to launch the Security Intelligence Report v5

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